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Art by Musasaki.

Murasaki (紫 purple in Japanese) was created by Stephen Cheung on a gondola during a romantic excursion.  The idyllic calm water and colourful houses of Burano inspired Stephen to reimagine the Italian floating island.  The procuring of a Murano Glass ink pen to visualise the picturesque cityscape, began an adventure to the greek islands spent on boats at sunset.  This influenced his visual palette with encouragement from his artistic girlfriend and the dream destination of Japan led to his unique style of paintings.  



Murasaki logo
gondola painting using murano glass ink pen
A5 paintings in frame border

Stephen uses acrylic paints for all his artwork on both canvas and card.  Size can range from 5 x 8 to 12 x 12.  

Stephen was born in Ireland in the late 1980s to Hong kong parents.  Growing up with dual cultures of war ridden occupied Irish history integrated with poverty stricken industrial traditions of Hong Kong.  Stephen visual artwork won multiple awards in 2022 during his yearly visits to Hong Kong and hopes for more exciting projects in the art scene.      

audience choice award
best asian finalist
best new artist
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